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The AccessVote Project

AccessVote is a "Voting Utility" or "Democracy in-a-box". It's purpose is to enable organizations to make their decision making more democratic.

AccessVote is made up of smaller projects, each designed to be used alone or together with easy APIs and Open Source code; so that users can access the specific aspects of the project they require. ...more

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AccessBallot is a ballot utility; designed to be easily integrated into Internet/network connected, as well as stand-alone, applications. A web based form is also provided that can be used to create and save the ballot XML data for those who simply wish to produce ballots without having to create their own interface. Accessballot can be used to generate (OMR Capable) Paper ballots, DRE Touchscreen ballots (including for the iOS/Android), and web based ballots. ...more

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AccessPoll is a tool used to help determine the opinion of an electorate without actually voting to change policy. While the polling process is less formal than that of voting; the results are richer and more informative; integrated with demographic information. As with the other AccessVote projects, the Open API allows developers to integrate polling functionality directly into their own applications.

On the Accessvote website all polls automatically trigger the creation of a discussion.

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A discussion forum designed to focus on the best arguments for and against any option, candidate or petition question.

Voters have the ability to support or condemn arguments. The strongest arguments for and against each option are presented first, and the voter has the ability to explore further arguments and counter-arguments.

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AccessPetition is a stand-alone petition generating utility, which can also be integrated with AccessVote to allow, as an option, the creation of Citizen Initiated Binding Referendums; where petitions that are signed by a pre-specified percentage of voters automatically become referendum questions for up-coming ballots.

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